Danny van Oortmerssen + Creative Commander-in-Chief / Design Head

Danny van Oortmerssen was born in Bandung, Indonesia – From an early age he understood the meaning and importance tradition played in Indonesian culture. His connection to his past ancestors were strong since he came from a long line of Indonesian aristocrats (Prabu Siliwangi).

He then moved to Hawaii and got exposed to the lavishness of America. A few short years later Danny moved to the Netherlands where the second half of his family resided.

Danny is an autodidact who developed his talent for detail while growing up surrounded by artistic and innovative Dutch culture. He calls himself a Shaping Stylist! He applies his self-made ways to take on the task of designing jewelry, furniture,clothing, and more. His travels have taken him around the world and have given him the inspiration he draws from; whether it’s in NYC, Paris, London, Bali, Berlin or even Amsterdam (where he is currently based). As a result he’s created a large network around the world making him a genuine world citizen. One of Danny’s pet projects is to create a solid bridge between the East and the West, mixing both to help keep the artistic traditions. Those are everywhere in his native country, alive and strong. Through the same process Danny gives back, by way of philantrophy, to his native country (that has given him so much to make his dreams a reality). The high standards of production he’s known for with his designer label, Arjuna, have won him a high rapport in the creative community throughout Europe and Indonesia. Danny often gets approached by creative people and companies alike who want to bring their artistic visions to life and being the consummate business man and creative genius he is he always finds a way to turn their ideas into realities.

Adrian Stuart + Imagination Architect / General of Innovation
Adrian Stuart

Adrian (a.k.a. the game changer, a.k.a. the master of creativology, a.k.a. the graphite wizard, a.k.a. the guy with too many a.k.a.’s.), a premier payer in the game of creative adventurism, has managed to procure two degrees (from colleges no less), work with and for some creative (think tank style) agencies and proves to be highly skilled at speaking about himself in the third person.
In the name of keep this bio clean and simple, Adrian has decided to get to the point.
a) He’s a creative guy who can do anything design related (tech packs, websites, illustrations…some singing & dancing).
2) Adrian has been lucky enough to work with some pretty darn creative people along the way.

III) The game changer’s talents are currently being utilized by Arjuna Design, adj-creatives & echidna inc (3 creative agencies with fantastic taste).

Fab Morvan + Guest Designer / Entertainment Master


My interest in creating art began while touring and the more successful we got, the more isolated I felt. Flying the four corners of the globe from restaurants to clubs and back again, created a void which kept getting bigger and bigger. My life was moving faster. I’d wake up in hotel rooms, and have to look at the hotel pad on the nightstand to find out what country or city I was in.On those very same pads, I began sketching my emotions, both to remember where I was at that moment in time and to slow down the roller coaster on which I was headed. At the end of the week, I collected all the papers I had drawn on and is to my surprise I could remember exactly where I was. So I kept on drawing I began to use a variety of media, including oil-based chalk,acrylic paint and ink. I call the results “Accidental Art.”

I want to capture the element of surprise. I let my feelings and imagination take control, creating order out of chaos is something I enjoy. Through the years I’ve come up with many ideas involving design the sorts of, clothing, furniture, etc. Up on Joining forces with Danny Van Oortmerssen under the Arjuna umbrella, I would finally be able to experiment and bring those very same concepts to life.

View a few examples of Fabs art

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Bart Verschoor + Furniture Designer / Wood Working Master
Sean MacAndrew + Photographer / Shutterbug Extraordinaire