The Best Is Yet To Come!

Arjuna has added few new designs to our showcase. Checkout out the Collection page and take a look at some of our fresh new designs!

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Fab on the Rifa Show

Fab Morvan speaks about music, art and his passion for design (Arjuna Design that is). Go ahead and listen to his interview on the Rifa show; this dude is too cool for school, we love ya Fab, stay fly! Fab’s Interview on the Rifa Show

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Cipta Gelar

This place is very dear to Arjuna we will always support Cipta Gelar (please use the translator on their website if the text is not in your native language). This is a big part of my heritage and it’s my life mission to get Cipta…

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Toby Skard, Tonny Sorensen & Ray Kay Wearing Arjuna

Check out all the creative innovators wearing Arjuna’s Barata (custom snake style) Bracelet ! (in order from left to right) Toby Skard a partner in California Christiania Republic, Tonny Sorensen founder of von Dutch and CCR ( & one of the hottest video directors at…

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Ray Kay Wearing Arjuna

Ray Kay, one of the hottest music video directors at the moment, was recently spotted in Holland attending the launch party of the OneZ from! He came styling as usual and was seen wearing an Arjuna Design custom made Barata bracelet inspired from snake…

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  • Imagination


  • Face’s


  • Musical Chairs

    Musical Chairs

  • Surrender


The Fabulous Art of Fab Morvan

The multi talented Fab Morvan has been kind enough to grant Arjuna Design a small showcase of his inspiring art pieces. Thanks Fab! Titles & Commentary: Imagination: Is about the moment inspiration comes into your mind and guides you toward what you’re going to create,…

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SMFM-Twisted (Official Video)

Fab Morvan & crew draped-up in ARJUNA’s stunning jewelry line while shooting their new freaky, fresh music video “Twisted”. Check it out! Warning, this track is off the chain, we take no responsibility for any neck injuries sustained from listening to this track do to…

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